Our Story

Elusive Arts & Entertainment was founded in 2009 by Denise Chyette after a trip to Africa. She was inspired by the children she met in a township where little vibrancy seemed to exist beyond their basics of aluminum shacks, water, and muddy playfields. Denise imagined what it would be like to introduce more “color” into these children’s lives – arts & crafts to spark creativity and movies to bring laughter and inspiration to these young minds. Starting right in her own backyard in Los Angeles to generate awareness, Elusive Arts & Entertainment now reaches out to inner cities and developing countries.

Our Goals

  • Promote local artists & filmmakers
  • Educate children on various forms of art & film
  • Provide art & film supplies to communities in need

Our Projects

  • Trip to Orphanage in Africa
  • Children’s art days
  • Local artists open house
  • Community movie nights
  • Inner City art classes

For more information or to get involved contact Denise Chyette.